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What you could say about us: Handdy estimates helps people to easily organize their income and expense. It is a cloud-based software and is very safe. Handdy estimates is very intuitive, simple to use and specially designed for non-accountants. Handdy estimates generates easy to understand reports and makes income expense organization a breeze!!

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Do you hate to

remind people about payment overdue?

It is frustrating when businesses do not receive their estimates payments on time. It is even more frustrating for the business owners to pick up the phone and remind people about their outstanding payment. It is frustrating because, it consumes a lot of their and saps their energy. The best case scenario for every business owner is when every one of their customer pay their estimates on time. That is not always possible.

So the best alternative is to use an invoicing system that not only does the invoicing, but also remembers the due dates of every estimates and automatically reminds customers about their outstanding payments. Especially the invoicing system helps the business owner if it sends two reminders. Once when the due date in nearing and the second reminder when it is overdue.

Handdy estimates is one such invoicing system. It is online invoicing system that not only sends beautiful online estimates, but also sends reminders to the customers. That’s why business owners love Handdy estimates.

35% faster response

I get 35% faster response from my potential customers because Handdy's follow up emails. I don't have to do anything

- Joseph Riggle, Catering, Reno, Nevada

Commission calculation is easy

I can easily track the sales commissions and their success rate. I am pleased to use Handdy for my quotations.

- Gerald Schmeterer, Internet services, Dusseldorf, Germany

Convert to estimates instantly

All I have to do is select the quote and click on the convert to estimates button and I am done with my invoicing and payments as well. Who can ask for more.

- Larry Pennell, Professional services, Montgomery, Alabama