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Delight your customers and send estimates online with your company logo using Handdy Estimates – online software specially built for small business owners to convert a lead into a client much quicker. Start today to prepare your estimates.

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How Online

Accounting Software Became Safer?

When the cloud accounting arrived a good few years ago, not many businesses were ready to jump in. Even though online accounting software offered good features and competitive prices, initially many businesses did not take it up. The reason for the slow take-up is the fear of compromising their data security. Many business owners felt that that data can only be safer when it is residing on their own servers and systems.

Cloud storage in their eyes did not offer the same level of security as the locally resident computers and servers. However, things started to change slowly as lot of security experts vouched for the cloud safety and established business like Google and Amazon established their own cloud backbone.

Online accounting software started to use the backbone of these giants and eventually won over the businesses. Handdy online accounting software works on the backbone of google app engine. Google app engine provides the 100% security that every business owner seeks for their accounting data. Would you like the safety net of google app engine on your online accounting software? Switch to Handdy accounts today!

35% faster response

I get 35% faster response from my potential customers because Handdy's follow up emails. I don't have to do anything

- Joseph Riggle, Catering, Reno, Nevada

Commission calculation is easy

I can easily track the sales commissions and their success rate. I am pleased to use Handdy for my quotations.

- Gerald Schmeterer, Internet services, Dusseldorf, Germany

Convert to estimates instantly

All I have to do is select the quote and click on the convert to estimates button and I am done with my invoicing and payments as well. Who can ask for more.

- Larry Pennell, Professional services, Montgomery, Alabama