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$5 per month
Create and send online estimates (unlimited)
Create estimate in your own currency ($, £, €, Rs....)
Add taxes to your quotation/estimate (VAT, sales tax etc.)
Allow your customer to view their entire estimate online
Send automatic reminders
Add unlimited items and categories
Download estimate as pdf
Download estimate data in excel
View status reports (Accept, Rejected, unopened and many more)
Add a sales rep for your estimate (to track commissions)
Find out how much was sold by which sales rep
Add additional users (under your account)
Resend unread estimates
Same business day customer support
Free telephone support
NO advertisements (on estimates)  
$5 per month

Fantastic value for money

Wow..! It has got everything for just $5 a month. It is fantastic value!

Robert Dewolf, Ontario

My estimates are paid on time

I just estimates. I don't chase my customer for payments because Handdy does it for me

George Tubos, Detroit, USA

Perfect for my consulting business

I work set number of hours every month for different clients. I use recurring estimates in Handdy. It automatically sends estimates every month and updates me when I get my money. Invoicing cannot get any easier.

Ryan McGuire, Los Angeles, USA

My invoicing is a breeze now

I used to create estimates in word. It was really time consuming and I never used to send estimates on time. Using Handdy it takes less than an hour each month to estimates all my customers. I am glad I made the switch.

Pam Rollings, Somerset, UK

What else do you get?

  • Friendly customer care if you ever need any help
  • A secure place for your information in the cloud