The story behind Handdy estimates

Handdy estimates was a product that was developed as a result of our frustration. Yes the frustration of customers claiming that they did not receive the quotation. These delays increases our sales cycle and also causes us to lose opportunities.

We created estimates software to not only send quotations online but also to make it easy for us to track, give the ability to others in the company to send the estimates quickly, track the sales rep responsiveness, sales rep commissions and also to make it easy to invoice.

After using Handdy estimates on our own we have found a marked difference in closing sales quicker. We are able to send quotations faster, able to track who has opened the quotation or not and follow up quickly. This has resulted in many satisfied clients as they think that we are proactive in following up and we are able to convert our leads into customers quicker.

Get Handdy estimates now and close your sales much quicker.