Create unlimited professional estimates

Quotations/estimates that look professional make your customer realize that they are dealing with professionals. Give your estimates that professional look today...

Your logo on your estimate

Your logo is your unique identity. Give your estimate that unique identity by beautifully displaying your logo on your estimate.

Add taxes in estimate (VAT, sales tax etc.)

Different businesses need to use different tax codes. Whatever be your tax code you can set it once and use it whenever you need it

Create estimate in your own currency

Create your estimate in whatever currency you want. Get your money in dollars, pounds, euros, rupees or other currencies

Add a custom message for your customer in every estimate

Every customer is different. Some might just need an estimate. Some might need a personalized message in the estimate. You can do both!

Add an internal note for each estimate (visible only to you)

You might want to store some private information about a specific estimate or a customer. You can easily do it now!

Many more useful features for you

  • Show discount in estimates
  • Setup multiple product items (or service items)
  • Setup multiple product categories (or service categories)
  • Add a sales rep or sub-contractor for your estimate (to track commissions)
  • Convert an estimate into an invoice with the click of a button
  • View when a customer has opened your quotation