World's simplest accounting software for small businesses

At last...! an accounting software for small business owners

  • Very useful for small business owners (with no accounting experience)
  • It is so simple you will actually fall in love with doing your own accounting

"Finally I found an accounting software I could use without the help of a manual "

Robert Hammel, Newcastle, UK

"Fantastic value for money. What more can you expect for a fiver. I am delighted"

Deborah Long, Toronto, Canada

"1000's of happy customers across the world"

Why business owners love Handdy accounts

Handdy Accounts takes accounting complexity away from the business owners. You can record your expenses and income, organise it under right categories, generate profit or loss reports and keep your accounts ready for the tax year-end!

Handdy Accounts is specifically built for the small business owners (Accounting software on the other hand is made for accountants and complex to use). That's why the small business owners (and self-employed business owners) love Handdy Accounts!

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small business owners

Small business owners: why Handdy accounts is ideal for you?

Easy and intuitive

Organizes your income expense

You can organize all your income expense records at one permanent place and get rid of the hand written notes and spreadsheets

Shows your finance in pictures

Every picture tells a story. Handdy accounts gives you a picture of your finances through easy to understand graphs and tables

Stops expenses slipping through

You can record your expense instantly from wherever you are. You no longer need to worry about expenses slipping through

Tracks your profit (...or loss)

Your business and your money. You should know if you are making a profit or a loss every month. Handdy accounts tracks it all for you

Generates tax report in seconds

Tax deadlines are a pain. Handdy accounts makes it painless and generates your tax reports (VAT, sales tax..) in seconds

Speaks your language

You can make quick sense of each and every bit of your financial information because accounts speaks your language

Create your account now. Its FREE

Are you a small business owner with minimal accounting knowledge? Now manage your books with Handdy accounts – easy to use accounting software especially built for small business owners with customizable options. Start your unlimited free version today.

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What makes

Handdy Online Accounts Different?

Handdy accounts is different from other online accounting software because of the 21 "pay me now" features. These 21 features are specifically built with a single purpose of getting your accounts paid quicker.

In most other online accounting software, all you can do is to send your invoice and wait. This may seem to work, but it doesn't do the hard job of chasing your clients for your money.

Handdy accounts 21 "pay me now" features allow you to just create accounts and forget the money collection part. It would do absolutely everything to get your accounts paid quicker.It sends persuasive email message along with invoice, stops your customers from giving excuses and sends automatic payment reminders when the due date is nearing or it is overdue.

The 21 “pay me now” features make Handdy accounts different from every other online accounting software. Just give it a try and you will love it.

I recommend Handdy to my clients

My clients send me data in spreadsheets which was often messy. Now, I recommend Handdy accounts to them.

- Chris Baker, Winston Salem

Handdy works very well for me

My requirement is easy to use accounting software. Handdy is a perfect for my needs. I strongly recommend.

- Claire Lewis, Sussex

Handdy does everything for $1

I can record all my expenses, manage all my income and view my profit/loss. Perfect for my contracting job.

- Jonathan Blain, Chicago