How to get Handdy work for you in just 15 minutes?

  • Setup admin console in 6 minutes (or less)It’s really that simple. Just book a demo and get a better picture!
  • Install Handdy timer with just a few clicksDid you know that Handdy is fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Your employees can work from the office, home, or anywhere!
  • Add additional users at your own paceGet a bird’s eye view and an ant’s eye view of your team in one place - you choose how you want to view the data!
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How it Works

Set up the admin panel in a jiffy!

  • Just add your clients, projects, tasks, employees and teams. As many or as few as you like.
  • You can also set up the time zone, break time, screenshots, schedules, shifts and more.
  • Instructions are automatically emailed to each employee. Encourage your employees to login and start using the application.
Set up the admin panel

The desktop timer

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and must be installed on every employee’s system.
  • Works both offline and online - syncs with the database periodically so you have near real-time data at hand
  • This timer tracks tasks, time, websites visited, applications used and captures screenshots.
The desktop timer

Analytics & Reports

  • Access employee timesheets and attendance reports anytime. Get a complete understanding of how productive your employees are!
  • Workforce analytics are available at the click of a button to help you identify top performers and reward them. Get access to granular level details of who is contributing how much.
  • You also can view details about the websites visited, applications used and screenshots to support.
Analytics & Reports