Looking for an employee GPS location tracker & attendance system?

  • Perfect for multi-site and on the move employees
  • Face recognition and biometric attendance system
  • Automatic login and logout time tracker, with geofencing

Stay on top of your team's performance in real-time

  • <span class='md:flex md:gap-2'><span>Monitor</span> <span>employee</span></span> <span class='md:flex md:gap-2'><span>location </span><span>and</span></span> <span class='md:block'><em class='not-italic md:flex md:gap-2'><span class='inline-block'>track</span> <span class='inline-block'>routes</span></em></span><span class='md:block md:ml-0 ml-2'>with GPS</span>
    Monitor employee location and track routeswith GPS
  • <span class='md:block'>Auto </span><span class='md:block'>generated </span> <span class='md:flex md:gap-2'><span>attendance</span><span><em class='not-italic'><span class='inline-block md:ml-0 ml-2'>with</span></em></span></span><span class='md:flex md:gap-2'><em class='not-italic'><span class='inline-block'>geo-fencing</span></em></span>
    Auto generated attendancewithgeo-fencing
  • <span class='md:flex md:gap-2'><span>Instantly</span><span> find</span></span><span class='md:flex md:gap-2'><em class='not-italic md:flex md:gap-2'><span class='inline-block md:ml-0 ml-2'>who's</span> <span class='inline-block'>working</span></em></span><span class='md:block'><em class='not-italic'><span class='inline-block md:ml-0 ml-1'>today</span></em> and</span><span class='md:block'> from where</span>
    Instantly findwho's workingtoday and from where
  • <span class='md:block'>Notice</span> <span class='md:block'><em class='not-italic md:block'><span class='inline-block md:ml-0 ml-1'>all employee</span></em></span><span class='md:flex md:gap-2'><em class='not-italic'><span class='inline-block md:ml-0 ml-0'>activities</span></em> <span>from</span></span> <span class='md:block'>your mobile</span>
    Notice all employeeactivities from your mobile

Employee activity tracker on mobile

  • Select client, project and task and start the timer just as you would on the desktop timer
  • Continue from where you left off on the desktop timer
  • Record notes for the tasks you work on
Employee activity tracker on mobile

Automated attendance tracking with geofences

  • Set your office locations as geofences
  • When your employees enter them, their timer will start running immediately. When they exit the geofence, they will be logged out
  • Both circular geofences and building geofences can be created from your admin panel
Automated attendance tracking with geofences

Location tracking with GPS

  • See where your field sales staff have traveled on any given day. Location is saved every minute and get the entire location history right from the app itself
  • Check to see if your employee is working from office on a given day using the Who is working today report
  • Since location is tracked using GPS, it works even while device is not connected to the internet
Track work hours on the go on Handdy mobile

Detailed reports for deeper insights

  • Navigate to all of your Handdy web application reports right from the mobile app itself
  • Access personal timesheets, team timesheets, productivity reports and monitoring reports right on your mobile using our mobile optimized website
  • All the data you could ever need is shown clearly right at the click of a button or two
Automated attendance tracking with geofences
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