Employee Monitoring

  • Employee activity recording

    You can track employee’s activity on their PC, websites they visit, software programs they use and more. With these, you can easily identify your star performers from the rest.

  • Get screen shot images

    Employee activity is continuously monitored, screenshot images are periodically captured and stored. Now, you have the proof of what every employee does, with a timestamp.

  • Keystroke activity tracking

    Want to find out if employees are actively using their PC during work hours? You can easily track every employee and compare against others to draw your conclusion.

  • Track employee time spent

    Employee time spent on clients, projects, and tasks are automatically tracked and recorded. Tracked hours are and presented to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Who is in today and doing what?

    Get quick overall picture. Your manager would love to have a snapshot of who is in today and doing what. Getting this powerful information not a struggle anymore.

  • Month end attendance report

    Get attendance reports from multiple sources and put it all together in just one click, which used to be a time consuming and often error prone job.

Employee Time and Attendance


Employee Productivity Analytics

  • Identify top performers

    Without real evidence, it is easy to overlook good performers. When real time data is presented to you with evidence, you will know who is contributing more.

  • Employee behaviour at a granular level

    Tracking employee behaviour at a granular level is difficult for most companies. With Handdy, you get a complete picture at every level including staff, team, task, and project.

  • Reduce subjectivity out of decisions

    Stop taking management decisions based on gut feeling. Now you can eliminate subjectivity, and instead take informed decisions backed by powerful data.


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