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  • Parent Company

    Handdy is a division of Integra Global Solutions Corp, a technology and business consulting firm with a strong 1600+ member team headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA with branch offices in the UK, India, and the Philippines. Integra Global Solutions was founded in the year 2004 and has grown organically from a small 4-member team to a large corporate with people working across multiple locations and nations.

  • Our Story

    Why Handdy was built?

    As Integra grew from being a small team in a small office to a large team in multiple offices, we needed a system to instill the discipline of time management to all our staff, monitor employee activity during the work hours, and consistently achieve higher productivity.

    We wanted a system to monitor employee productivity of all types of employees including in-house staff, remote staff, work from home employees, part-time staff and even freelancers. We also wanted a central management dashboard of all our employee activities from different teams/departments/offices.

    We initially tried using several employee monitoring software already available in the market. After elaborately trying them out we realized that none of them could deliver a complete solution that we were looking for. They were either too clunky, too elaborate, or too expensive. So, we had no choice but to build one for ourselves.

  • What was the brief

    when we set about

    creating Handdy?

    Our Handdy software team were given a clear 7-point brief to build an employee monitoring and productivity software that acts as a one solution to monitor and track employee time, productivity and computer activity and yet remain non-intrusive. Our team did a fabulous job in bringing this to reality.

    • Icon Simple to use (and easy to adapt)
    • Icon Cover all employee scenarios (Work from home, Office, Remote)
    • Icon Work with all popular operating systems (Windows, iOS, and Linux)
    • Icon Addresses insider threats (and protects client data)
    • Icon Understands the sensitivity of its users (employees)
    • Icon Expandable (ability to introduce new modules when needed)
    • Icon Include all core features (plus possibility of adding more whenever needed)
  • Handdy Internal Introduction

    We introduced Handdy employee monitoring and productivity software internally in 2012 and we are using it ever since. Simply put, we loved it from day one. From accurate employee monitoring, client reporting to admin/payroll to productivity management - we saw in real time how Handdy helped us overcome crucial challenges in day-to-day business operations.

    We continued to use it for several years without ever realizing that so many companies like ours were searching for one such tool for themselves. In March 2020, when Covid-19 stuck the world and when every company moved to work from home scenario, some of our clients enquired about building one such tool without realizing that we already had one and were using it and continuously fine tuning it to adopt new situations like Covid-19.

    When we gave Handdy to our clients for their usage in their offices, they loved Handdy software just the way we did it. Some of them were upset that we were just keeping such wonderful tool to ourselves for so long. That is when we realized that businesses around the world needed one such employee monitoring software, that addresses the real time business problems and is simple to use.

  • Handdy Market Launch

    When we decided to launch Handdy to the market, our aim was to make Handdy “Affordable for every type of company”. We did not want the price to be a deterrent for smaller companies. Our aim is for everyone to share and enjoy the fruits of our hard work.

    We also wanted to introduce the modular approach so that the companies that needed additional features can add on the modules rather than getting everyone to pay for the features that they may never use.

    Our core principle is

    "Good people making a positive difference to businesses worldwide"

    To stay true to our founding principle, our underlying philosophy is to serve our clients through

    • Icon One software application that does it all: time tracking, employee monitoring and productivity analytics
    • Icon Features capable of addressing present day workplace challenges
    • Icon A comprehensive solution to simplify day to day business operations
    • Icon Seamless technology improvements
    • Icon Options to customize as per clients demands
    • Icon 100% data confidentiality and security

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  • Why You Must

    Try Handdy?

    Handdy is not a software that is built as an option, but as a necessity to address our day-to-day problems - it is tried and tested by us, and we use it to monitor all our full-time, part-time, work at home and remote employees.

    We have put in years of hard work to build one software that does it all:

    • Icon Monitor employee activity
    • Icon Track employee time
    • Icon Overcome productivity challenges
    • Icon Address insider threats
    • Icon And much more...

    Try it and you will be super delighted just like us.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Ganesh Ranganathan, President
Ganesh Ranganathan


Ganesh has over 25 years of experience in working with small to Fortune 500 companies. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a serial entrepreneur with technology background.

He has a thorough understanding of Handdy's application architecture and works tirelessly in building and taking Handdy to the next level.

He loves his tennis and fond of reading about AI technologies.

Rajesh Velayuthasamy, Head of Marketing
Rajesh Velayuthasamy

Head of Marketing

Rajesh lives in Oxfordshire, UK and leads Handdy’s marketing. He is a technology entrepreneur with strong social awareness. He thrives in digital marketing and is an avid design critic.

He knows how to start a business, how to steer it steady and finally how to grow it big. He played a significant role in designing Handdy app's user interfaces and user experience.

He loves going to local gym and is a keen cricketer.

Palani Kumar, Chief Operating Officer
Palani Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

Palani Kumar joined Handdy as it’s COO and is responsible for overall operations of Handdy. He has over two decades of global corporate experience having worked with majors such as HP, IBM, Sun/Oracle, Adobe and entrepreneurial stint as well.

He is passionate about operations & people, and has hands on operational expertise in sales, partner & channel, global shared services, SaaS & support, & start-up operations. He set up the Adobe Global Deal Desk operations from scratch, a team which has grown to support 50% of it's global business.

Palani is an avid biker, adventure sports enthusiast, footballer, loves traveling and mentoring youngsters.

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