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5 Star Rated by Companies of All Sizes

Rated five stars, we have been given a 97% positive service rating by customers. We work hard to find new ways of making your experience with us nothing but exceptional.

Strongly Recommend

We wanted to install a screen monitoring software to monitor our employee activity during work hours. We trialled a few and found Handdy to be the most suitable and economical amongst all. It is simple to install and intuitive to use.

Trifecta Medical

Perfect for 170+ WFH Staff

We wanted a solution to track time and monitor activity of all our 170+ WFH employees. We wanted the system to work even when the staff have internet connectivity issues. We picked Handdy after a demo and trial. We are delighted with it.

ACS Capital

Productivity Soared

Who would have thought that our billing hours and productivity would soar by just adding a $2 software into our employee's PC's? Post-Handdy adoption, we've seen an increase of 18% in billing hours. We've now reached our optimal output limit.

Kellerton Consulting
Powerful Features

All-in-one workforce management

Handdy collects employee work patterns in a granular level providing companies with analytics, visibility, and context. Now you can gain insights and unlock the true potential of your workforce. Handdy makes workforce productivity management simple and affordable.

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    Monitor websites visited and time spent
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    Applications usage and productivity reports
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    Get screen shots of employee activity
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    Track employee work and break times
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    Review employee keyboard usage
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    Track employee attendance
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    Get project level reports
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    Monitor employees with or without internet

Attendance & Time Tracking

Employee behaviour in every detail

Handdy captures employee login/logout times, breaks taken, and can even schedule shift timings for every employee. Handdy also tracks time spent by your employees on clients, projects, tasks, and produces comprehensive employee timesheet reports.

Employee Monitoring

Websites and Portals Visited

You can track all your employee’s activity on their PC screen, websites they visit, their keystrokes, screenshots and more. With these, you can easily identify your star performers from the rest.


Workforce Analytics

Powerful Reports for Analysis

Tracking employee behaviour at a granular level is difficult for most companies. With Handdy, you get a complete picture at every level including staff, team, task, and project level.

Perfect Solution forDistributedTeams

Delivering Productivity to Every Member of Your Remote Team

Monitor remote workers as if they’re on the desk right next to you. Simple, accurate time tracking and proof of work to ensure they’re doing the job.

  • Quick WFH Setup
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • App & Website Usage
  • Screenshots
  • Time & Attendance
  • Reports

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Rp 16077 /month per user

(paid annually)

  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Icon Employee Monitoring
  • Icon Productivity Analytics
  • IconAdd on: Mobile App ( Rp 16240 /user)
  • Icon Custom Integrations
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Rp 32317 /month per user

(paid annually)

  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Productivity Analytics
  • Add on: Mobile App ( Rp 16240 /user)
  • IconCustom Integrations
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  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Productivity Analytics
  • Add on: Mobile App
  • Custom Integrations
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