How do Employees Benefit from Employee Monitoring Software?

Implementing employee monitoring system in company device may sound like employers do not trust their employees or invasion of privacy in the workplace. However, workplace monitoring brings numerous advantages for both businesses and its employees – in that employees are benefited the most. Here are the most common employee benefits of implementing employee monitoring software in the workplace.

Employee Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software:

1. No more bias in feedback or review:

Employee monitoring eliminates bias in performance review

Employee monitoring system closes the doors on managers who have the tendency to show bias during appraisal or performance review process. The monitoring software records your performance at different level throughout the year and gives you a dossier of performance snap shots that shows your level of productivity during different time period.

So, whether you are a newbie or been in the company for quite some time or performed well in the past and your productivity dipped lately – you don’t have to worry, because the report says it all.

2. Evaluate your own productivity:

The time tracking feature in employee monitoring software accurately tracks and records your productive and unproductive hours. You can check your productivity reports and conduct a self analysis on your work flow, identify your peak productivity hours and make changes to your work pattern if required.

Employee monitoring software helps you to understand your efficiency and plan your workday accordingly to maximize output

3. Identify mistakes and correct it on the spot:

It gives you an opportunity to identify mistakes that you make in terms of managing your time, meeting deadlines, task prioritization and so on. Once you identify the factors that hamper your productivity, you can put in extra efforts to overcome those challenges and work on improving your performance in the future.

Additionally, you can be proactive and seek help from your managers and brainstorm ideas to overcome productivity challenges that would benefit you and your team.

4. Uncover weaknesses for a well balanced life:

Monitoring system will help you to realize your overall (workplace) activity, uncover weaknesses and address them carefully. Workplace weakness could be;

  • Lack of motivation or self-confidence
  • Exhaustion or health issues
  • Dissatisfaction or disengagement
  • Workplace conflict or disagreement with a co-worker

Monitoring and documenting your daily activity combined with a bit of self-analysis will help you understand where you stand and accurately spot the factors that cause weaknesses. By this way, you can identify the underlying cause for weakness and improve workplace engagement and be more productive.

5. Block distraction and improve your focus:

Workplace distractions are normal to a certain extent - but, displaying it very often is harmful for both personal and professional growth. If the distraction is something that is related to technology and happens while at work such as playing games, shopping online, browsing the next episode of your favorite series or checking personal emails - the data from monitoring software will show you what type of distraction is interfering with your work. Accordingly, you can train yourself to block such distractions and slowly improve your ability to stay focused at work.

6. A real –time example to support your statement:

Sometime project delivery takes too long than expected, and you might want to explain the reason why it took so long to complete the project. The employee monitoring and time tracking software gives you detailed report on your login hours, the tasks that you worked on, duration of the project and the amount of time you spent on research/study to complete this task. Your manager’s can use this data to analyze your work and verify your statement if it’s true.

7. Address attendance issue:

There are multiple factors to your attendance such as start time, end time, break time, leaves, and total login hours. It is easy to track if you are working on a single project. But, if you are working on an hourly basis and dealing with multiple projects – it will be difficult for you to track and prepare for each project.

Luckily, the monitoring system installed on your device accurately tracks your start time, end time, total login hours, break hours – including the projects that you worked on and for how long. So, no more last minute rush in preparation or clarifying the days you’ve worked full-day/ half day or extended shifts and so on.

8. Increase your level of self-efficacy:

Self-efficacy or the belief in your ability is directly connected to your workplace performance. Consistently monitoring your activity at different levels will help you know your strengths and weaknesses, your ability to complete tasks, your level of focus and how receptive you are for feedback.

Understanding and working in line with your strengths will help you to enjoy your work, be more engaged, be consistent and improve your overall performance at work.

9. Take ownership and think outside the box:

As we discussed in point 6, - the employee monitoring software gives you a detailed snap shot of your performance and behavior during different time period. So, if you find yourself struggling in certain area, you can tap into your creative self and think of different ways to overcome them. Also, try suggesting them to your managers and see if it can contribute to your teams’ growth as well.

10. Do your work and leave the rest to the employee monitoring software:

Last but not least, the employee monitoring software comes as a perfect solution for all your workplace troubles. From accuracy to improving your productivity to keeping you from biased feedback – the monitoring system gives you a complete sense of relief and improves your focus, integrity and morale in the workplace.

Each company has their own surveillance policy that designates the purpose of implementing employee monitoring system. It is important to understand that employee monitoring is only to ensure workplace safety, but not to harm employees – who are the back bone any company.

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