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Employee Monitoring Features

Employee monitoring

Employee activity recording

Closely monitor and track

You can track employee’s activity on their PC, websites they visit, software programs they use and more. With these, you can easily identify your star performers from the rest.

Screen shot images

Screen shot images

Visual proof of employee activity

Employee activity is continuously monitored, screenshot images are periodically captured and stored. Now, you have the proof of what every employee does, with a timestamp.

Application usage monitoring

Application usage monitoring

Software applications used and duration

Companies are finding out that seemingly productive apps can be very non-productive for some staff. Now, you can get complete insights of software application usage of every employee.

Websites visited tracking

Websites visited tracking

URL’s of websites visited and time spent

When you know your employee’s activity throughout the day, it is easy for you to differentiate productive vs non-productive time and helps you provide appropriate feedback.

Keystroke movement tracking

Keystroke movement tracking

Get real time activity data of employees

Want to know if employees are actively using their PC during work hours? You can easily track every employee and compare against others to draw your conclusion.

Works with or without internet

Works with or without internet

Perfect for companies who also work offline

Many employees often work without any internet connection (during travel etc.,). That is why we designed Handdy to track employees online as well as offline.

Handdy Timesheets

There is no Easier Way to Improve Your Employee Productivity than this.

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Handdy Timesheet

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Rated five star and given 97% satisfaction rating by customers

We’ve restricted internet usage for our staff due to security and compliance constraints. So, we were looking for a time-tracker and employee monitoring tool, that would work both online and offline. Handdy Timesheets is the perfect solution for our needs

Atlantic International Five Star

We have moved all our staff to work from home after the COVID situation. We needed a tool to measure our staff tasks and monitor while they work from home. We also needed consolidated reports at the end of each week. Handdy is ideal solution for our use.

Trifecta Medical Five Star

We needed a system for our staff that work on billable projects. We split all client projects into micro level tasks and track the hours on each of them. We have trialled many, but finally we settled down with Handdy Timesheets and we are happy with our choice.

Kellerton Consulting Five Star