Record your expenses easily

Handdy makes recording your expenses a delight. It is very simple. No complex steps. You can record them from anywhere any time. Internet access is all you need.

View recent expense entries

When you view history of your recent expense entries, you can easily know if all the recent expenses are entered correctly. This helps you correct errors and stop expenses slipping through without your knowledge.

Easily add or edit tax rates

Handdy allows you to add or edit tax rates. You can a add different tax rates in seconds

Customize your expense categories

All standard expense categories are available in Handdy Home Accounts. Aside this you can either edit or add a new category to suit your needs

Export expenses data to excel

You can export all your expense data for any time period in to excel and send it to your accountant in just 1 click. It will be properly categorized and arranged. Your accountant will love you for making his life simple