About us

We are a company that provides simple accounting software solutions for individuals. After a lot of trial and error, we launched a suite of applications for small businesses and individuals. This includes Handdy Accounts, a simple business accounting app and Handdy Invoices, an easy to use online invoicing app.

We were pleased to see the number of users these apps were gaining. That is when it occurred to us to release a Home version of these apps for managing household expenses. It's simple enough to be used by people with no accounting background whatsoever. So why not take this a step further.

That is how Handdy Home Accounts was born. We have made relevant modifications to suit household management and now it's all yours to test and try!

The best feature of products from Handdy is "simplicity". We like to keep things simple. Handdy users are relieved to NOT find accounting jargon all over the apps. You can be 100% confident that this works because we have tried it ourselves.

Get Handdy Home Accounts now. You will not regret it.