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Unlimited income entries
Unlimited expense entries
Useful reports (income, expense and more)
Tax reports (Sales tax, VAT)
Unlimited bank and credit card accounts
Download reports
Number of months of history you can view (what's this?) Last 9 months Unlimited
$5 per month

Strongly recommended for busy individuals

I've tried using a few popular personal accounting software in the market. I never managed to get the time to completely understand them. I found them difficult to use for my maintaining my daily home accounts maintenance. Handdy is so simple, I've started using it without reading any manual or help from anyone. I update my expenses once a week and am done with it. I strongly recommend this software for anyone who does not have the time to read and understand software manuals.

James Mathews, New Jersey

Delightfully simple

It just takes a few seconds to enter my expenses in Handdy. So I keep them updated easily. It is delightfully simple to use. I love Handdy for its simplicity.

Betty Davis, Durham, UK

What else do you get?

  • Total security for your data (powered by Google)
  • Free customer support if you ever need any help
  • Your data gets backed up automatically