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How online home

accounting has evolved over the years

Managing personal accounts has been around ever since the invention of currency. I am sure you have grown up seeing your uncles and moms make note of every expense. Back then they recorded them in diaries and little notebooks. Now, many years later the same practice is followed but a little differently. This is the digital era. A lot of people use spreadsheets to input their expenses today. However, even this method is outdated.

You now have software to do your home accounts. You don't have to do the calculations yourself or use the formulas in spreadsheets. Handdy Home Accounts is one such software except that it takes it another level by being a cloud software. You only need an internet connection to access your account. You don't need to make space in your computer to store your data. This allows you to record your expenses anytime anywhere.

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Maintaining my personal finance through spreadsheets was never a quick task. However, Handdy Home Accounts changed the game. It saved me a lot of time. My buddies now use this as well.

- James Holland, Boise

Handdy works very well for me

I never needed anything complex to take care of my personal accounts, but I needed more than a spreadsheet. Handdy Home Accounts works for me. It is inexpensive and has just the features I need.

- Gloria Coffman, Manchester

Handdy does everything for $1

I can record all my expenses from anywhere and at any time. I also get reports on these instantly. I couldn't ask for more!

- Sandy Clark, Augusta