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Why Modern Businesses are Closely Tracking Their Employee Time? (… Top 5 Benefits of Tracking Employee Time)

Why Modern Businesses are Closely Tracking Their Employee Time? (… Top 5 Benefits of Tracking Employee Time)

Do you know even the most productive of your employees will be spending too much time on unnecessary tasks? Survey results show that nearly nine in ten employees lose their time on  tasks such as reading irrelevant email chains, , participating in team meetings where they have no role, and so on. Employee time tracking software will help you quickly identify these and correct them as soon as they appear. 

When you implement employee time tracking software, the analytical reports will show you the list of tasks done and the exact duration spent on each task. This will help you differentiate relevant and irrelevant tasks so you can manage conflicting priorities or deadlines with ease.

Here, we’ve listed 5 other benefits of tracking your employee time and how it ensures in maximizing your employee productivity.

1. Regulate workflow and eliminate multitasking:

Switching between tasks may seem skillful on the surface, but it reduces efficiency, performance and the ability to focus.

Multitasking may seem a great idea to get things done faster, but it causes negative effects to both personal and professional life rather than doing any good. Research shows that doing more than one task at a time reduces performance and increases stress level.

When you implement employee time tracking, your employees will soon realize how they frequently switch between tasks and appear engaged throughout the day – but, not setting enough time for priority tasks that really matter. Time tracking will help employees organize tasks and regulate their workflow; results are increased focus and improved productivity.

2. Delegate tasks at the right time:

Effective delegation is crucial to utilize talents in the most profitable way possible, so each employee can equally contribute to the efforts in project delivery. Yet, knowing how and when to delegate tasks remains a difficulty that managers have to deal with – because ineffective delegation may lead to higher cost and timeline being incurred to a project.

However, when you implement employee time tracking  – the software will automatically track time and give you a detailed report on the tasks that consume much of your employee time. Based on this report, you can analyze your employee activity, help them re-structure their time or delegate part of tasks to your other team members.

3. Bill your clients accurately:

Time tracking makes invoicing less painful and eliminates guesswork or inaccurate timesheet reports

Tracking employee time improves transparency between you and your clients – especially if you bill them by hour. The time tracking software tracks work hours and gives you an accurate report on the tasks your employees were doing on a day/week/month. You can easily fetch data and bill your clients based on these reports – so, you don’t overcharge your clients or sell yourself short by underestimating time taken to complete projects.

Sometimes, clients will request timesheets for record keeping or to verify the billing amount. In both these cases, you can simply download and send the timesheet reports to your clients for cross verification.

4. Know your client and improve pricing: 

Employee time tracking will help you manage demanding clients and set margins when required.

Some clients demand extra time – by end of day, your team will be expected to give an update on everything that is happening on the project while also responding to their frequent calls and emails. This practice might be possible for a day or two – but, if it becomes regular you might want to bill them for the extra hours spent.

Employee time tracking comes as a perfect solution for client management. The monitoring software will automatically capture every minute your employees spend on a particular task/project, so you can validate and raise invoice accordingly.

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Additionally, this analytics will tell you what to expect in the future while signing new deals – based on which you can set margins to unrealistic client expectations or improve your pricing structure for future projects.

5. Get real-time data:

At a certain point, every business will want to review their pricing structure, provide feedback, do performance review, discuss challenges and work on strategies to ensure business success. To do this, you’ll need real-time information on your employees and clients, performance and productivity charts, and reports on individual projects, categories and tasks.

Thankfully, the employee time tracking software will help you with accurate reports with visual representation of data in graphs, bars and pie-charts – crucial to make strategic decisions and set realistic goals. You will also be able to customize and download reports according to your preference – so you can review the current or previous year’s performance.

Why Handdy Timesheets is the best employee time tracking software?

Handdy Timesheets is created to make employee time tracking and productivity monitoring as feasible and affordable as possible. We understand that organizations have different types of employees such as in-house staff, remote workers, and work from home employees and even freelancers. Handdy time tracking features are not only suitable to track your employee time – irrespective of where they work from but, it also enables ease of use – simple to download > install > and use.

The analytical timer charts and productivity charts that Handdy offers will give you a summary of;

  • Total hours worked (active, idle, break hours)
  • The tasks that influence your employee productivity (top categories/projects worked)
  • Overall team/employee performance (for any given day)

Based on this data you will know the actual bandwidth your team has, so you can successfully manage conflicting priorities and make intelligent decisions in terms of delegating tasks, project delivery, workforce management, client management and project management.

 Start your free trial to discover time tracking features that give you full control over your employee time and performance.