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Productivity Monitoring

Productivity Monitoring

Keystroke activity and usage

Want to know if employees are actively using their PC during work hours? You can easily track their keystroke activity and compare against others to draw your conclusion.

Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring

Websites visited and apps used

You can track all your employee’s activity on their PC, websites they visit, software programs they mainly use and more. With this, you can easily identify your star performers from the rest.

Track Time at Every Level

Track Time at Every Level

Time spent on client, project & task

Time tracking at a granular level is difficult for most companies. With Handdy Timesheets, you can track time at every level including staff, team, task, and project level.

Handdy Timesheets is good enough

for 99% of companies

We had a specific problem of not having a centralized mechanism to track time and monitor our employees. We have got in-house teams, work from home staff, staff working from different countries, on travel, on client site, logging in remotely, working different shifts, part-time staff and combination of these.

We wanted a simple time tracker and monitoring solution to accommodate all these types of employees. We wanted the solution to be effective, powerful and yet simple to use. The result is Handdy timesheets. We have covered almost every possible employee work scenario. That is why Handdy timesheet is good enough for 99% of companies.

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Tracks time at granular level

Time tracking at a granular level is difficult for most companies. Now you can track time at employee, task, and project level.

Monitoring with absolute ease

Employee monitoring need not be a burden on your IT department. Handdy makes monitoring of every employee activity simple.

Makes detailed billing a breeze

Want to capture every little detail for your billing? Do it easily with Handdy and win your customer confidence.

Nudges people to work more

When employees know that they are monitored, it indirectly influences them to reduce wasted hours and be more productive.

Identifies exceptional performers

Gauging the performance of staff does not need to be subjective anymore. Get all the statistics you need in 1 click.

Unlimited users, projects and tasks

Handdy is used by small and large companies, as there is no limit on employees, projects and tasks you can track.

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Here's why our customers choose us

Rated five star and given 97% satisfaction rating by customers

We’ve restricted internet usage for our staff due to security and compliance constraints. So, we were looking for a time-tracker and employee monitoring tool, that would work both online and offline. Handdy Timesheets is the perfect solution for our needs

Atlantic International Five Star

We have moved all our staff to work from home after the COVID situation. We needed a tool to measure our staff tasks and monitor while they work from home. We also needed consolidated reports at the end of each week. Handdy is ideal solution for our use.

Trifecta Medical Five Star

We needed a system for our staff that work on billable projects. We split all client projects into micro level tasks and track the hours on each of them. We have trialled many, but finally we settled down with Handdy Timesheets and we are happy with our choice.

Kellerton Consulting Five Star