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How to closely monitor your employee productivity (without micro managing them)

How to closely monitor your employee productivity (without micro managing them)

Get all key information from across your organization consolidated in one place

We wanted to give you a complete picture of your employee work hours, break hours, projects worked on, websites visited and more, at a quick glance. That is why have designed Handdy Timesheet’s workforce productivity dashboard. Now, you can get all key information from across your organization consolidated in one place.

Having a clear understanding of your business performance is crucial to improve productivity, utilize resources to the full, eliminate productivity killers and decrease insider threats. To achieve these, employee monitoring software Handdy Timesheets offers analytical productivity dashboard that display insightful and critical information needed to manage your workforce.

The dashboard page captures, displays timer charts and productivity charts for the past week/month and allows you to see;

Timer charts:
  • Total work hours and break hours
  • Top 5 projects
  • Top 5 websites used
  • Top 5 applications used
Productivity charts:
  • Productivity
  • Top 5 productive employees
  • Top 5 categories worked on

1. Total work hours and break hours:

This report graphically displays the total hours in a week/month as opposed to the hours employees worked for your business on a specific date. You can view the total tracked working hours for the last 7 days or 30 days of all your employees.

Practical use:

  • At a glance, know the total hours your employees worked
  • Analyze working trends and peak working days
  • Note fluctuations in working hours and take action before it impacts your business performance
  • Calculate dip in working hours and find ways to compensate it

2. Productivity report (in hours):

The productivity report shows the total amount of time spent by your users on tasks categorized as productive, unproductive, and neutral.

Similar to the previous report, you can check data for the last 7 days or 30 days and find out how productive your employees were on any given date. When you mouse over these bars, you can see the exact amount of productive hours for that particular day.

Productive, unproductive and neutral activities can be classified for each employee and the employee monitoring software captures data and displays the consolidated report on the dashboard overview page.

View your employees productive, un-productive and neutral working hours for any given day with accurate data

Click here to learn on categorizing application and website as productive/unproductive/neutral.

Practical use:

  • View your employee’s productive, unproductive, or neutral hours for any given day
  • Check unproductive hours and encourage employees to concentrate more on value added tasks
  • Recognize poor workflows
  • Check neutral hours and see if your employees need guidance or support
  • Analyze and fix negative areas to improve productivity

3. Top projects and categories worked:

Spot projects or categories that consume much of your employee time and find out how you are doing on key projects

Handdy Timesheets workforce management dashboard allows you to see projects and categories that consume much of your employee time. This report differentiates and highlights time consuming projects and categories as shown in the below images:

Top  projects work (Timer Charts)
Top categories worked on ( Productivity charts)

Practical use:

  • Learn how you are doing with your key projects
  • Identify projects that add revenue to your business
  • See on which category your employees are too engaged
  • Spot the ones that consume huge amount of time and pay more attention
  • Check on resource availability and make hiring decisions accurately
  • Know whether your employees need more training or support and assist them accordingly

4. Top productive employees:

Here, you get a snapshot of top productive employees of your organization. That is you can see the names of employees who worked on tasks/projects that are categorized as productive, along with the total number of hours worked.

Below is Handdy Timesheets dashboard displaying top performing employee names and hours worked:

Practical use:

  • Find out productive employees within the company and see how you can utilize them on other important functions
  • Spot un-productive employees, encourage them to concentrate more and deliver results
  • Reward top productive employees for their commitment

5. Top websites and applications used:

Find out on which website or application your employees are spending their time, including duration spent…

This is one of the sought-after monitoring features by companies of all sizes. The employee monitoring software monitors individual user activity, captures data and displays your employee’s work behavior on the analytical dashboard.

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From this report, you can understand if your employees are spending time on un-productive websites/application more than other value-added tasks.

Top websites visited
Top applications used

Practical use:

  • Recognize how employees utilize their time
  • Analyze employee work pattern in your organization
  • Discover poor workflows
  • Quickly find out productive and un-productive user behavior
  • Fix gaps and educate employees to utilize their time on value added tasks

Without an analytical real-time dashboard, it is likely you will be spending excessive time on reviewing and analyzing multiple reports to make a conclusion. Whereas Handdy Timesheets workforce management dashboard allows you to see the overall scenario of your workforce at one place.

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