Why Handdy is the best employee monitoring and productivity software?

Handdy employee monitoring and productivity software is specially designed to;

  • Monitor employee computer activity
  • Track employee time
  • Track employee productivity
  • Help analyze employee work pattern

For each of these categories (employee monitoring, time tracking and productivity analytics), Handdy has several features that will give you a deeper insight on employee time, productivity, computer activity, work pattern and more.

In this article, we have put together a few points to understand how you can make the best use of Handdy employee monitoring and productivity software.

Handdy: Employee monitoring features:

Using Handdy, you can;

  • Monitor your employee computer activity
  • Monitor websites visited with duration
  • Monitor applications used with duration
  • Monitor keystroke activity and usage (count)
  • Get time stamped screen shot images (securely saved for 3 years with Handdy)

Handdy: Time tracking features:

Using Handdy, you can;

  • Track employee time spent on tasks/projects/clients
  • Know employee work time, break time (total login hours)
  • Get daily/weekly/monthly reports for individual employees or for teams
  • Know who is working today and doing what
  • Get timesheet reports for individual employees or for teams
  • Employee time is automatically tracked and recorded

Handdy: Types of productivity reports and their uses:

The types of productivity reports that you can get from Handdy.

  • Productivity report
  • Productive hours
  • Projects worked on
  • Productive employees
  • Categories worked
  • Productive websites
  • Productive applications

These productivity reports can be viewed in a bar, pie chart and graph.

Benefits of employee productivity reports to businesses:

Productivity reports provide accurate data on employee time, employee productivity, overall team performance and so on. These reports can be used by management teams in the planning, analysis and decision-making process. Productivity report lets you;

  • Understand your employee work pattern
  • Know your employee activity (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Know your employee/team’s efficiency
  • Allocate tasks based on skill set backed by data/reports
  • Identify areas of improvement and give timely feedback
  • Stay on top of tight deadlines or client deliverables
  • Streamline resources and delegate tasks effectively

Who can use Handdy employee monitoring and productivity software?

Handdy employee monitoring and productivity software is built as a centralized system to track and monitor employees irrespective of the company size or employee types, including;

  • In-house teams
  • Work from home staff
  • Staff logging in remotely
  • Staff working different shifts
  • Part-time staff
  • Staff working on client site
  • Combination of these

Handdy: A perfect solution to monitor every member of your team:

As remote working or work from home being the new norm, implementing employee monitoring software is so far an affordable way to keep track of your employee productivity. Handdy employee monitoring features lets you track your employee computer activity and provides accurate analytical reports that help in data-driven business decisions. Click start your free trial and see how Handdy can make employee productivity management simple and affordable.

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