Why Employee Productivity Monitoring is Important for Business Growth?

Can employee productivity monitoring solve productivity challenges and drive business growth? Let’s find out.

According to US statistics survey, 64% of employees say they visit non-work related websites every day at work. 85% of employees say they use their company email address for sending and receiving personal emails. Likewise, 30% of those surveyed say they watch sports online, while 25% say they shop online while at work. These stats show that each year American businesses face up to a 40% loss in productivity due to non-work related internet surfing. To solve employee productivity challenges and to analyze employee behavior at work, companies invest on implementing productivity monitoring software. Employee productivity monitoring helps businesses;

  • Measure, track and document employee performance
  • Refine business processes to enhance operational efficiency
  • Eliminate micromanagement and reduce employee turnover
  • Improve employee autonomy

Measure, track and document employee performance:

As you may know, employee monitoring is a practical solution to fix productivity loss because its benefits are not limited to merely tracking work hours or monitoring computer activity. Rather, it helps managers track, measure, and document the productive/un-productive/neutral hours spent by each employee and make decisions that are in line with company goals.

For example, let’s say an employee is spending too much time on a task assigned to him/her. The length of hours worked including the breaks taken in-between them shows any of these three;

  • Lack of knowledge or skill set pertaining to the assigned task
  • Insufficient resources to complete the task
  • Employee being over occupied or task procrastination

Most of the time, it might be difficult to identify which of these is affecting employee performance. This is where productivity monitoring software takes the burden off and helps you identify areas where your employees need support. Secondly, productivity monitoring also improves time sheet accuracy ultimately mapping out those areas that pull employee productivity down.

Refine processes to enhance operational efficiency:

Processes refinement and employee performance are at the core of enhancing operational efficiency. To achieve these, managers should take a deep dive and understand;

  • How well a process is organized
  • How each employee perform and their behavior towards each task
  • What drives day to day operations within an organization (project)
  • Necessary improvements required for process success

Lack of a structured process flow or work flow make employees spend too much time on a specific project and leads to repeated non-billable work hours. It stands in the way of successful project delivery – which directly impacts business growth in the long run.

Implementing employee productivity monitoring software gives you accurate data on the process flow, work load and help you understand employee behavior. Based on the data, you can work on strategies to refine your existing process, enhance operational efficiency and meet business goals. Additionally, productivity reports and data will help you identify and treat productivity killers before they could hamper your business growth.

Eliminate micromanagement and reduce employee turnover:

It is not uncommon that employees do not appreciate the idea of being micro-managed. Research shows that lack of productivity, low employee morale and dissatisfaction are few symptoms associated with micromanaging. It is also one of the top three reasons for high employee turnover – which is a serious threat to business growth and reputation.

But, it is equally important to manage employees at work to sustain work place culture, build reputation and to keep business growing. Implementing employee productivity monitoring software will help you track, monitor and manage your employee productivity (activity) from one place. Whether it’s your in-house staff or remote staff or work from home employees, you can easily get a report on their productivity, computer activity, work pattern and even understand their behavior – without getting anywhere near them. This will help you manage your entire workforce from one place and fix negative clauses – without micromanaging them.

Productivity monitoring improves employee autonomy:

Finally, productivity monitoring helps employees to take ownership of their actions and motivates them to complete their projects on time. Employee autonomy gives employees the independence to think outside of the box and serves as a contributing factor to improve morale and engagement in the workplace – which has a direct impact on business growth and profitability.

From the above examples, it is evident that implementing productivity monitoring software like Handdy has its role in driving business growth. If you would like to see in real-time how productivity monitoring would work for your business, start with a free demo of Handdy employee monitoring software and decide for yourself.

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