Why Does Your Business Need Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking is the process of tracking and recording employee work hours, in order to;

  • Recognize productive and efficient employees
  • Identify workflow and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Accurately measure time spent on individual tasks/projects
  • Ensure vendors are paid for their work (e.g. Freelancers/Time bound consultative staff)

Time tracking plays a major role in understanding employee workflow in order to align work patterns and to boost employee productivity.

Benefits of time tracking:

Few benefits of employee time tracking are:

  • Keeps employees more aligned
  • Increases employee accountability
  • Helps management allocate time and resources effectively
  • Helps in tasks prioritization and eliminates procrastination
  • Helps employees/teams follow a streamlined workflow and improve project schedules
  • Gives transparency into individual tasks and work processes
  • Gives insight on team performance to identify areas of improvement
  • Helps in client billing and client management
  • Helps in payroll management and hassle-free administration process

What features should a time tracking software have?

An ideal time tracking software should be able to track;

  • Login and logout time
  • Active, idle and break time
  • Productive, unproductive and neutral hours
  • User computer activity monitoring (employee monitoring)

Additionally, the software should be non-intrusive and should be able to generate timesheet reports based on tasks performed and client projects worked on.

Employee monitoring and productivity software like Handdy can help you track your employee time and monitor employee productivity/performance at the same time. Using Handdy software reports and data, you can easily understand how your employees spend their time during work hours.

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