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If you are already working from home, I am sure you would have known the benefits by now. If you are someone new or planning to work from home, then this article is for you. Stay with us to find out how you can leverage work from home to your advantage.

Advantages of working from home - for employees:

1. Flexible working hours: Mostly when working from home, you get to work in flexible hours. You can log in early or later part of the day or work even during weekends from the comfort of your home.

2. Save time and money on commute: Working from home eliminates the pressure involved in daily commute. Getting up early and rushing to work was stressful for most of us. Now, you get to save time and money on commuting and make good use of the time you spend on travelling back and forth.

3. Improved work life balance: With the flexible working option, you can schedule your work around your personal life or vice versa. When you feel overwhelmed or stressed out, you can go for a walk or spend some time outdoors that will help you in your work-life balance.

4. Spend extra time with loved ones: You get to spend some extra time with your family and friends. Especially for parents juggling between kids, job and household chores, work from home turns out to be a boon.

5. Less need for absence or leaves: Work from home eliminates stress and improves your work life balance. You can work comfortably without worrying about external factors or other office related challenges typically found in most workplaces. Therefore, decreased stress level means less need for absence or leaves (associated with stress/anxiety).

6. Increases accountability: Work from home increases accountability as you are responsible to complete tasks that have been assigned to you. It improves morale and self-discipline required to manage your time and get things done even if your boss is not around.

7. Increased productivity: While working from home, you get to take short breaks or step away from work when you need it. You can work independently without any interruptions – which actually does improve your focus and leads to increased productivity.

What should employers do?

Work from home benefits both employees and employers alike. But as an employer you would want to know how well your employees are utilizing their work hours irrespective of where they work from. And for this, we have employee monitoring and productivity software in place that helps you;

  • Track time
  • Monitor employee productivity
  • Analyse employee performance
  • Monitor employee computer activity
  • And more…

Handdy is one such software that helps you monitor employee productivity so you’ll know what your employees are up to while working from home. Click here to know more about Handdy features and functionalities.

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