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It’s not an easy feat for employers to make sure their employees are functioning at their fullest potential especially if they have a remote workforce. In most cases, managers are left with the sole choice of guessing about how well their team is performing.

This is where an employee productivity tracking software such as Handdy comes to the rescue! An employee productivity tracker enables managers to track employee productivity as well as monitor activities of their remote employees.

Let’s discuss some of the key benefits of monitoring your remote team with the help of an employee monitoring software.

1. Employee Accountability

Measuring an employee’s productivity and contribution to the company is difficult to measure especially when they’re working from a remote location. The true whereabouts of the employee cannot be known even when the PC is turned on. Employee monitoring software helps make an employee accountable by monitoring their activities and tracking their progress.

Employees become more attentive and productive when they become aware that their activities are being supervised. This helps in highly improving employee’s performance as well as assist in creating a credible work environment between an organization and it’s employees.

2. Improved Productivity

Employees are more likely to be more sensible of how they utilize their work hours when they are aware of their activities being kept track of. This mindfulness transcribes into improved productivity.

Besides, employee tracking systems enable managers to quickly acclimate to any issues that occur in the line of work and handle it effectively. This results in improved productivity rate since less time is being spent on dealing with issues and difficulties.

3. Bill Your Clients Accurately

If staff are made to depend solely on their memories when it comes to record-keeping of their time spent with clients, their reporting is prone to errors which will give rise to billing inaccuracies. This can be tricky for your company’s core value, not to mention your company’s rapport with clients.

In case that a client believes that their invoice doesn’t reflect the treatment they received from your company, a disagreement may occur that can force the client to end all business ties with you.

This not just impairs a company’s revenue flow, but the bitter ex-client can harm its stature. On the other hand, if a company is using an employee productivity tracker with a time tracking capability, solid data will be present to prove how much time an employee spent for a client.

With this data, the client will be pleased knowing that they’re being billed honestly and helps your company save money since employee’s hours are being recorded accurately.

4. Improves Self-Management

A remote employee has to find a balance amidst the flexibility of working from home and a systematic work schedule. An employee productivity tracking software promotes keeping up this balance by equipping employees with the information to get the hang of their performance management game.

Employees can figure out which assignments are consuming more time to carry out by looking at the time tracker. Furthermore, they can identify the reason for lagging and the areas that need improving. By distinguishing the planned and worked time, employees can recognize the amount of time required for every future task.

5. Helps Adhere To Project Timelines

In all likelihood managers will draft a timeline for a project before appointing tasks. With employee productivity tracker on board, managers can keep an eye on time spent by employees on a project and the sort of actions carried out and foresee if they’re lining up with the proposed timeline.

Knowledge obtained from this data can hint managers to train employees as required to make sure they’re putting their best foot forward or perhaps work out a new timeline. Nonetheless, remote employee monitoring software will prevent projects from getting delayed as a result of inefficiencies in the line of work.

Remote employee productivity tracking software enables managers to recognize which business strategies are effective and which requires improvement. It also helps managers give relevant evaluations, may it be negative or positive. In general, companies that use employee productivity tracking software can notice improved business development and employee involvement.

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