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Employee monitoring is not necessarily micromanaging or tracking what your employees are up to. Instead, it is a method used by modern businesses to track employee time, monitor computer activity and analyze work pattern/productivity.

To decide whether you should implement employee monitoring software at your organization, it’s important that you weigh up the pros and cons of employee monitoring in the workplace.

Let’s discuss some of the key benefits of monitoring your remote team with the help of an employee monitoring software.

Pros of employee monitoring to your business:

Implementing employee monitoring software helps you overcome the most common challenges that businesses face in today’s work environment. Listed below are a few of them;

1. Eliminate insider threats: Data security issues doesn’t have to always be a malware attack – sometimes it can originate from within the organization itself. Implementing employee monitoring software helps you address such insider threats. You get to see the applications used, websites visited and screen shots of employee computer activity in real-time. You can always go back, analyze data and look for warning signs/indicators of suspicious activity and address them well in advance.

2. Know your employee computer activity: Employee monitoring software gives you a detailed report of your employee computer activity during work hours. It gives you a clear insight of their work pattern and helps you understand if your company device or network is being used appropriately.

3. Stay on top of your employee productivity: Implementing employee monitoring software helps you analyze individual employee performance - backed by accurate data and reports. These time stamped reports help you analyze work patterns, eliminate guesswork and provide feedback where it is required.

4. Hassle free project reporting: Employee monitoring software helps you with accurate timesheet reports for your entire team or for an individual employee. These reports can be used to analyze the most time-consuming projects/tasks or can be used as timesheets for client reporting purposes.

5. Reduced HR/admin workload: Employee monitoring software automatically tracks and records employee time and attendance. By this way, you can reduce HR or admin workload in attendance and payroll management.

6. Maintain your corporate values: Implementing employee monitoring and productivity software motivates your employees to make proper use of time. Employees tend to be punctual during clock-in/clock-out and be more efficient at work – when they realize they are being monitored.

Cons of employee monitoring that you should be aware of:

Though employee monitoring brings a whole lot of benefits for businesses and employees, it is not without its challenges. Staying aware of these downsides will help you address employee privacy concerns in the workplace.

1. Develops lack of trust: When employees know that they are being monitored, they might assume that you do not trust them. They may develop a sense of being micromanaged and get demotivated resulting in poor performance.

Solution: Educate your employees on the need to implement employee monitoring software. Let them know that they are not being targeted, instead each and every employee in the organization will be monitored.

2. Employee privacy concerns: Some employees feel uncomfortable when their computer activity is being monitored. They perceive it as an invasion of privacy or assume they are being micromanaged.

Solution: Let your employees know why their computer activity is being monitored. Give them the assurance that they will be monitored only during work hours and only while using company assets.

3. Reduces employee morale: This applies for employees who have been with you for a very long time. When they are subjected to monitoring for the first time, it de-motivates them and reduces their morale in the workplace.

Solution: Talk to your senior employees and let them know how happy you are about their deliverables, commitment and dedication. Make them understand their responsibility in setting examples and helping junior team members adhere to company policies.

Is employee monitoring right for your business?

Employee monitoring software is no more a choice, but a necessity for businesses in today’s modern workplace. Though an employer has all rights to know what his employees are up to - during work hours and while using the company PC – it is advisable to put it forth in the right manner. You can always start by educating your employees on the importance of employee monitoring in the workplace. This will eliminate doubts and help your employees understand the need for implementing employee monitoring software in the workplace.

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As remote working or work from home being the new norm, implementing employee monitoring software is so far an affordable way to track employee time and productivity. Handdy employee monitoring and productivity software lets you track your employee computer activity and provides accurate reports that support in making data-driven business decisions. Click start your free trial and see for yourself the positive difference Handdy software can add to your overall business performance.

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