Our team

Ganesh Ranganathan

  • Serial entrepreneur with technology background
  • He also has in-depth accounting knowledge
  • Has a thorough understanding of Handdy's application architecture
  • He loves his tennis, but usually loses to his 12 year old son
  • He reads Entrepreneur and Inc magazines
  • Worked previously with top technology companies in USA

Tim Boylan

  • Responsible for overall global sales and marketing strategy, with a particular emphasis on business development in the USA and Canada.
  • Charged with managing all client services and retention efforts.
  • 20+ years of executive level expertise in multiple industries with early stage to mature companies.
  • Strong entrepreneurial background. Founded, operated, and successfully sold Human-i-Tees, a $45 million direct marketing business that helped K-12 schools with fundraising.

Rajesh Velayuthasamy

  • Technology entrepreneur with strong social awareness
  • Played a significant role in designing Handdy app's user interfaces and user experience
  • Budding copywriter, avid design critic and has keen interest in marketing
  • Loves going to the local gym
  • Used to be a keen cricketer (Now age and Handdy has taken its toll)
  • Reads Daily Telegraph-UK (May be to show others that he is sophisticated!)
  • Previously worked with many technology companies in UK and India

Ram Prakash

  • Finance and accounting is his forte
  • Played a significant role in the backbone of the Handdy apps
  • Reads economic times
  • Loves to visit temples
  • Loves watching over the top movies
  • Has experience of successfully founding several businesses
  • Goes to the gym these days (Only because people dear to him complained)

Aravind Kumar

  • Keeping up with technology is his strength
  • Loves his gadgets. But proud to admit his little ones are often better at it.
  • Likes a beer or two or three or…
  • Under normal circumstances, he speaks very little
  • Often adventurous in business and believes success reaches those who risk more
  • Has worked tirelessly in testing and improving the Handdy suite of products

Rest of our team
  • John Knight – Trainer and advisor
  • Sam Simon – Chartered management accountant
  • Nandha Kumar - Accountant
  • George Avery – Developer
  • Vaag Devi - Marketing
  • Nithya Ram – CPA
  • Sriram Nataraj – Development manager
  • Michael Carlton – Customer care
  • Natalie Larkin – UI designer
  • Jerry Rhodes - Developer
  • Josephine Gana – Accountant
  • Joe Rajmohan – Accountant
  • Susan Paes – Customer care
  • Kanna Kumar - Technical architect
  • Iain McPherson – UI designer
  • Ranjan Raj- Designer
  • Prasad Mahi - Sales
  • Karthik Sundar - Designer
  • Tim Andel – Developer
  • Barbara Schmitt - PR
  • Thanga Vel – Developer
  • Rajesh GT – Developer
  • Thiru Arasu – Developer
  • Adrian Roberts – Tester
  • Radhika Das – Marketing
  • Pon Sankari – Marketing
  • Angela Cook – HR


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17 King Edwards Road Ruislip, London, UK HA4 7AE Phone: +44 20 7993 2949


First floor, Kanapathy Towers Opp.BSNL exchange, Ganapathy Coimbatore - 641 006, India Phone: 0422 432 8555