Facing employee productivity challenges - Can employee monitoring software be your answer?

As the name defines, employee monitoring is observing and tracking employee activity during working hours. In addition to tracking employee clock in and clock out, it addresses crucial workplace challenges and allows businesses to track productivity in real time, know employee attendance, comply with data security requirements, and enable easy client management.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most common workplace challenges and how it could be solved through employee monitoring.

Common workplace challenges:

Irrespective of size, most companies face may of the same challenges every single day, which if un-noticed could lead to drastic fall in the overall company productivity.

1. Employee disengagement:

Employee disengagement is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face. Disengaged employees don’t feel attached to the work that they do and are likely not the most productive employees of your company.

2. Procrastination:

When this happens, it makes employees to delay or postpone important tasks to the next day. Your employees tend to set wrong priorities, feel unsure of what to complete first and ultimately start working on tasks that are less important. This affects the entire team’s productivity.

3. Distraction during working hours:

Most workplace distractions are said to be self-inflicted such as answering personal emails, listening to music, non-work-related discussion or scrolling through social media. A survey from Udemy Research backs this up – take a look at what the stats reveal:

Distraction during working hours

Source: Udemy Research

4.Employee time theft:

Employee time theft is a serious productivity killer which employers find it difficult to address. It takes different forms such as late start but early finish, long breaks, buddy punching, excessive personal activities, padding the timesheet, and so on.

5.Data security:

With the increase in high-profile cyber-attacks, it’s never been this important for businesses to concentrate more on cyber security. Employees visiting suspicious websites, unwittingly click on buttons or links that could lead to malware attacks.

These are the most common workplace challenges that businesses struggle to deal with. Now, let’s take a look at the solution that helps solve these workplace challenges.

Why employee monitoring?

1. Improve productivity of in-house and work from home employees:

Implementing employee monitoring software at workplace helps you closely monitor your employees’ working hours including, active time, idle time, and break time. You will know how and on what your employees spend their entire day – with real time data to back up. This improves workplace transparency and makes them accountable to what they do – including completing the tasks that has been assigned to them.

Whether it’s your in-house or remote staff, when they know that they are being monitored, they put in extra effort to complete tasks without procrastinating.

You can clearly notice the difference and find out how they pay less attention to workplace distractions and how their focus improves and how they complete tasks without missing their deadlines.

2. Accomplish goals without the need for micro-managing:

Checking up on your employees every minute is not always possible. Whether they are actually working or surfing through social media or making online purchase – it is difficult to justify without a valid proof.

When you start monitoring employee activity, you can easily access and review individual employee activity logs. Monitoring software automatically tracks projects they were working on, websites visited, or applications used. You can easily check the analytics dashboard and find out what your employees are doing on their computers during working hours.

3. Protect from malware attacks and data security breaches:

Employee productivity monitoring software gives you details of internet usage by each employee. Based on the report, you can warn your employees and prevent them from visiting suspicious websites or downloading applications or files that can endanger your company’s security.

Moreover, if you find any unusual traffic on a specific computer, you can spot where it originated and the reason for excess traffic. By this way, you can keep track of your client data or other crucial project information from falling into the wrong hands.

Wrap up:

With the growing need for remote work, employee monitoring is no longer an option, but a necessity for businesses to maintain employee morale, improve productivity and reduce risks to the organization.

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