How to Introduce Handdy to Your Employees?

In the age where work from home or remote working is becoming widespread, it’s more important now, than ever for organizations to implement employee monitoring software on company devices. Though you don’t need your team’s approval, it’s always a best practice to formally introduce and let them know in advance about implementing employee monitoring software like Handdy Timesheets – so your employees can easily adapt to the new system.

Here we’ll share a few suggestions on how to introduce Handdy Timesheets to your employees.

Transparency increases employee acceptance by 50%:

A survey by Gartner found that 30% of employees were comfortable with their employers monitoring their work. Likewise, more than 50% of employees report being comfortable when they knew the reason behind implementing employee monitoring software. This result shows that being transparent with employees about monitoring computer activity relieves them of unnecessary anxiety or the sense of being spied on.

You can start by explaining how the software works and what they can expect from it. Take one step further and assure your team that deploying employee monitoring software or tracking their computer activity is not due to lack of trust; instead it’s a way to improve workplace productivity and enable effective time management.

Communicate your business practice:

Almost all companies will have a set of policies and code of conduct that enhances their core values, vision and mission. Don’t hesitate to remind your employees of the code of conduct or policies that help set your company culture right. An open communication with your employees about implementing employee monitoring software will create trust and align employee monitoring with your company goals. This will help your employees understand;

  • Why their computer activity is being monitored and tracked
  • How the gathered data will be used for work related analytics
  • What company policy violation is
  • Restriction on disclosure of personal information to outsiders
  • How personal use of company devices/work hours could lead to disciplinary action

By this way, you can show your team that implementing employee monitoring software is only to protect the business (its employees from violating rules). Ultimately your employees will learn how to take ownership of their actions and protect themselves from accidentally violating company guidelines.

Stress the benefits of employee monitoring:

Explain the benefits of employee monitoring and how it can help them take ownership in completing their day to day tasks and achieve business goals. Below are few notable benefits of employee monitoring for both managers and employees alike.

Implementing an employee monitoring software like Handdy Timesheets;

  • Provides real-time visibility on employee performance
  • Gives detailed analytical reports that shows how time is spent during work hours
  • Ensures accurate reporting and effective time management
  • Helps in taking informed decisions on task prioritization or dealing with critical deadlines
  • Helps in adhering to company guidelines and goals
  • Motivates them to work more, thereby increasing productivity

Above all, employee monitoring software points out employee strengths and weaknesses, so the management can recognize and appreciate them for their exceptional performance at work.

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Protect your business the right way:

As remote working or work from home being the new norm, the chances of cyber attacks are on the rise. Surprisingly, implementing employee monitoring software is so far an affordable way to protect your business against insider threats or data security incidents before they arise.Employee monitoring being a continuous process tracks your employee computer activity and provides accurate analytical reports that support in making data-driven business decisions.

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