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1. Is employee monitoring legal?

Yes, in most countries it is legal for employers to monitor their employees when they make use of company devices. It is completely legal to track employee computer activity during work hours.

Few companies officially introduce monitoring systems to their employees and educate them on guidelines that they should follow while using company devices.

2. Can that be an invasion of my privacy?

Implementing employee monitoring software like Handdy is not considered as invasion of privacy, because the software tracks only the following from your system;

  • Login and logout time
  • Total login hours for day/week/month
  • Idle time and break hours
  • Websites visited with duration
  • Applications used with duration

The software is installed in devices owned by the company and it is the responsibility of each employee to stick to company guidelines and not use company devices to access personal information during work hours. When you stick to company guidelines and use company property only for its purpose – employee monitoring is not considered an invasion of your privacy.

3. Why is such monitoring software necessary?

Monitoring software is necessary to

  • Evaluate employee performance and productivity
  • Maintain accurate client reporting and timesheet preparation
  • Analyze overall business performance
  • Prevent business from data security issues
  • Remove the burden from hr/admin/payroll
  • Fix negative clauses that could damage a business

In a nutshell, the monitoring software will help you do your job with focus and stick to company guidelines while helping you grow and protect company assets.

4. Can I bypass using the software?

Before answering this question, we would recommend you to read how do employees benefit from employee monitoring software.

If you still want to know whether you can bypass the software - there is no definite answer to this question, as it depends on your company and the management.

But, it is also important to understand that employee monitoring is only to protect and help employees grow, but not to hurt them. A company has the right to do so, if it decides to monitor their employee activity during work hours for which they are paid for.

5. What does Handdy monitor on my computer?

Handdy does not monitor anything unless you login to the desktop timer.

Applications and URL tracking

After you login to the desktop timer – Handdy records whatever software applications or website URLs that are used by you and the duration. Reports on how much time was spent on these activities are available online to your administrator. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are available for company administrators to review, so that they can check and help you improve your workflow.

Keystroke activity

After you login to the desktop timer – Handdy records how many keys were pressed. It does not track what keys were pressed. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are available for company administrators to review.

6. What reports will be collected as part of my computer activity?

From the moment you login to the desktop timer and Handdy collects the following data from your system;

  • Total hours worked (Active hours, breaks hours and idle hours)
  • The websites that you visit and how long
  • The application that you use and for how long
  • Snapshots of your screen

7. How are you going to use the collected data?

The collected data will be utilized to analyze your productivity, how time is spent during work hours, most and least visited applications/websites.

These data helps management make data-driven decisions in these areas;

  • Individual employee performance
  • Overall business performance
  • Client and project management
  • Time and attendance management
  • Appraisal, review and feedback

8. How can a business grow by monitoring its employees?

Employers want to increase their ROI and keep their business going by improving productivity, reducing costs and staying away from data security issues.

Businesses will achieve success only if they have effective and responsible people in their team.

So, it is important that employers understand how each employee performs, how well they utilize their work hours and company devices/network. Based on this, they can take informed decisions that will help the organization grow.

9. Can I see my productivity report?

The restrictions are set by individual companies as per their policies. Some companies give complete access for their employees to view their reports while others may restrict access to some reports. The most essential reports like timers are fully available to the employees at any time.

10. How can I benefit as an employee?

The presence of monitoring software is a good opportunity for you to stay on top of your productivity. It helps you manage your time effectively, so that you can complete projects on time and meet deadlines set by your clients.

11. What are the rules that I need to remember as I am being monitored?

The rules are basic and simple that an employer wants an employee to understand and respect.

  • Complete your tasks as per schedule
  • Do not visit unauthorized websites
  • Do not download or use unauthorized applications
  • Do not engage in personal activities during office hours
  • Do not use company devices or networks for personal use

Sticking to these simple rules will improve your focus and nudge you to be efficient, so your manager will have nothing to complain about you or your activities.

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