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Need guest writers to contribute to your blog?

Need guest writers to contribute to your blog?

Guest authors on your blog could mean a lot of benefits.

1.    A guest writer is bound to give the blog a fresh style. However nicely you write your articles, there is bound to be some common factor that connects all of them – that is your style. Beyond a point, your readers might get bored of the monotonous style. So to liven up your blog, you might have to introduce a new writer.
2.    This has a two-way benefit. You are providing the writer an opportunity to write on your blog. In turn the writer would leave a link to this article on his or her website. This will get you a back link. So, in a way it helps SEO greatly.
3.    Also, search engines are always on the lookout for great content. So as you populate your blog with useful, interesting content, your blog has a higher change of ranking well on search engines.

These are the primary reasons why you should consider getting guest writers on your blog. It’s a good promotion tool. But where to find such people? These are questions that are running through your head. Fair enough. Here are some easy ways to find guest writers.

Participate in relevant forums/discussions
There are several forums and discussions online. Pick a forum that is relevant to your industry and start contributing useful information. By answering relevantly you will gain some credibility on the forum. Just like how you are hunting for writers, there are writers on forums that are looking for a host. You are bound to get someone who would be willing to contribute to your blog even free of cost.

Getting the word out
If your business has a newsletter that is sent out to clients, you can base an issue on this guest writing. Let the subject of the mail be about this guest posting. This way, you personally invite people to contribute to your blog.
You can also use social media marketing to this effect. Facebook and LinkedIn are great places for activities such as these. Ensure that you put a note on the Home page of your site regarding this, too. These little chores do not take much time or efforts. It’s quick and easy.

These are some most basic ways to finding guest writers online. Ensure that they are reliable and suit your industry. Once you do and get their articles, your blog would liven up and you would see increased traffic to your site.

What have you done about guest posting? Share your comments below!