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Brutal self examination is what you need, not more meetings

Brutal self examination is what you need, not more meetings

If you are a start up owner or if you run a small business you should have come across those work days where nothing seems to be going right and you are at the head of it all. The surefire strategies that sounded great when you read about them are somehow not bearing fruit and you are desperate to know what went wrong. Here is when the series of disappointing meetings begin.

Your managers present their reports with the dismal facts and there is not much they have to say. They had executed your orders and had put the required efforts but the results don’t live up. This scenario is common across all departments and many different businesses as a whole. What they fail to realize is that the problem is very likely to be with the fundamentals rather than the approach or efforts.

Say for example, the Marketing department might have had a target to bring a certain number of leads by the end of the month which was not met. Now if the product/service in offering was good, and the efforts targeted to the right group; the target should have been achieved.

So is the marketing team to blame or is the problem deeper than that?
This is a question many business owners dread for obvious reasons. They evade it or examine all other factors that could have caused the failure while overlooking the root cause which is within the product/service they are selling. This attitude is one of the reasons why such businesses stop growing. They ought to count themselves lucky for not having a solid competitor nearby.

Introspect and improve!

No amount of meetings can resolve this issue. You can hire the best talent and you will still see the same results unless you up the standard of that which you are selling. Be it greeting cards or plumbing services; unless you strive to offer the best there is in the market you can’t expect your sales to keep growing.

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Brutal self examination is the first step and working on removing the negatives is the next. When you introspect you know your pros and cons, and although you can rely on the pros to bring you a decent amount of business; you must work at eliminating the faults.
When you are a hundred percent sure of what you are selling, everything else becomes much easier. Invest your money and hard work in developing something solid and you will see your strategies beginning to pay off. It really is as simple as that.