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Handdy accounts helps people to easily organize their expenses (And income). It is a cloud-based software and is very safe. Handdy accounts is very intuitive, simple to use and specially designed for non-accountants. Handdy accounts generates easy to understand reports and makes income expense organization a breeze!!

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Are you a small business owner with minimal accounting knowledge? Now manage your books with Handdy accounts – easy to use accounting software especially built for small business owners with customizable options. Start your unlimited free version today.

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Why cloud

accounts software is becoming popular?

In the last few years, cloud accounts software has become really popular and is replacing desktop accounting software. Infact, these days for many businesses cloud accounts software is their first choice accounts software. There are several reasons why cloud accounts software is increasing in popularity.

The first and most important reason is the internet speed. Internet speed is increasing and is available everywhere in Wi-Fi. With the increasing internet availability there is no reason for any software to be resident only on certain computers or servers.

Another important reason is the perceived safety of data in the cloud. In the early days, business owners did not feel their data is safe when stored in the cloud. But nowadays, the perception has changed and more people trust that their data is safe in the cloud and infact many believe it is much safer in the cloud than their own computers.

One other reason for the increasing popularity of the cloud accounts software is the increasing costs associated with desktop accounting software. With the cloud accounts software it is pay per use and is a great flexibility for start-up businesses to know that they are only paying for what they use. Have you switched to cloud accounts software yet? If not switch to Handdy cloud accounts software today!

I recommend Handdy to my clients

My clients send me data in spreadsheets which was often messy. Now, I recommend Handdy accounts to them.

- Chris Baker, Winston Salem

Handdy works very well for me

My requirement is easy to use accounting software. Handdy is a perfect for my needs. I strongly recommend.

- Claire Lewis, Sussex

Handdy does everything for $1

I can record all my expenses, manage all my income and view my profit/loss. Perfect for my contracting job.

- Jonathan Blain, Chicago