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How online

bookkeeping has evolved over the years?

In the good old days bookkeeping was done using the accountant’s ledgers, papers, files and documents. This was the practice for several decades and was religiously followed by businesses all around the world. However, the invention of personal computer changed it forever and computers took over the job of bookkeeping. All the bookkeeping and accounting data got stored in personal computers and local servers.

Many bookkeeping and accounting software evolved and were becoming popular. Different accounting software’s evolved and was catering to a different business type and industry. This was the standard for the last 30 years until cloud computing took over in the last few years. Ever since cloud computing became popular, online bookkeeping and online accounting has slowly started to replace the traditional bookkeeping. Several online bookkeeping software systems evolved and they have started to replace the desktop bookkeeping and accounting software’s.

Online bookkeeping software is the preferred option for start-ups and new businesses. Even the businesses that were using the desktop bookkeeping software are slowly switching to using the online bookkeeping software. Our Handdy online bookkeeping software is used by 1000’s of businesses all across the world. When are you making the switch to Handdy?

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My clients send me data in spreadsheets which was often messy. Now, I recommend Handdy accounts to them.

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My requirement is easy to use accounting software. Handdy is a perfect for my needs. I strongly recommend.

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I can record all my expenses, manage all my income and view my profit/loss. Perfect for my contracting job.

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