About us

Being a self employed small business owner is a great opportunity. There are many benefits of being self employed

But the down side of it, at least, for us, was the part where we had to manage the business accounts ourselves. Managing spreadsheets and noting down all the expenses is a painfully mundane task. Often, we tend to forget recording an expense. It then becomes difficult to dig them up later on during the tax season.

We had to do our accounts on our own because we could not afford to get an accountant to do our daily entries. Accounting software did not help because they were complex and costly. That is when we decided to devise our own accounting software. And that is how Handdy accounts was born.

We made it a point to keep things simple in Handdy accounts. In fact “simplicity” is what differentiates our product from other accounting software. Any self employed business owner with no accounting experience could easily manage their own business accounts. You can be 100% confident that this works because we use it for our own business.

Get Handdy accounts now. The world’s simplest free accounting software for the self employed.