Giving back

If we have come up with a great product to assist your business, it is because we have obtained several people's help and services on the way. When you are living in a community, you continually give and receive. That's how it works. When you have received help from others, it is only fair that you also give back, when you have the opportunity.

We have started Handdy Foundation to help those who are not as privileged as we are. We also support Cancer Research UK, Save the Children, Friends of the Earth besides KIVA and Air Ambulance. We are happy to be able to contribute to the society and hope we can add to this list in the future.

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Why John the

freelance designer uses Handdy invoices?

John is a freelance graphic designer. He loves creating beautiful designs for his clients. At the end of every month he sends invoices to his handful of small business clients. He used Microsoft word to create invoices. He always wanted to use professional business invoicing software. However, he never got time to research and buy a professional business invoicing software.

So he used to create invoices using Microsoft Word. After sending invoices, he would anxiously wait for payments every day. Some customers paid on time and most customers did not pay till he keeps sending reminders. This caused John severe anxiety. This anxiousness was causing him stress and affecting his creativity. That’s when John decided to switch from using word to a professional business invoicing software. So John switched to using Handdy business invoicing software.

Ever since John started using Handdy Invoices, he hasn't had any trouble collecting his payments. He just sends invoices and forgets his money collection part. He knows that Handdy Invoices would do everything to get his money collected faster. He now gets his invoice payments 45% quicker. These days John does the designs, he is at his creative best.

I save $15 every month with Handdy

Every dollar saved is invaluable for a start-up. I am saving $15 every month by switching to Handdy invoices

- Jeff Wolfe, Chicago

I am delighted to have chosen Handdy

It only takes a minute to create and send a beautiful invoice. I am delighted to have chosen Handdy for my invoicing

- Jamie Brown, Birmingham

Handdy gives more features for less

Handdy has got more features than most other online invoicing software and is cheaper. That’s why I chose Handdy.

- Rob Marks, Sydney