The story behind Handdy Invoices

Handdy Invoices is a product born as a result of frustration. Yes the frustration of endlessly chasing customers for our invoice payments.

Running a small business is a great thing - you get to make your own decisions, meet new people and take a break when you need it.

But the down side of it, at least, for us, was the part where we had to always remind some clients to send the payment. Some make prompt payments and others delay it for several reasons. Some delayers pay it on first reminder and some needed several reminders. The problem is we hated chasing after clients for payments.

We realized that this could not go on forever. Something had to be done in order for clients to make prompt payments. We discussed this with our team to arrive at a solution. It took time and effort - but we did arrive at a solution. That solution was Handdy Invoices.

Now, we don't chase after clients. Ensuring prompt payment has become a breeze. All we did was make a few simple, but effective changes in the way we sent them our invoices.

We found that most clients do not pay on time because it takes some effort on their part. Handdy Invoices makes it as effortless as possible for the clients to pay on time. It is different from the others in that it prompts the user to pay immediately. There are 21 "pay me now" tools such as compelling emails, various payment options, red alert reports, reminder messages and so on. These tools are designed in such a way that would make it easier for your client to make a prompt payment.

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Do you send

timesheets together with your invoice?

One reason customer’s delay their invoice payments is lack of supporting documents. Some customers want to tick every box before authorising the payment for the invoice. The boxes that they typically tick are time sheets, trip sheets, log sheets and pricing agreements.

Unless you send these documents together with your invoice, they do not authorise payments. You may not even realise it till you pick up the phone and enquire about the overdue payment. That is why you should attach every possible supporting document along with your invoice. Many invoice software does not allow attachments. Fortunately Handdy invoice software is different. Handdy users can attach any supporting documents along with their invoice.

You can attach any document along with your invoice. It could be time-sheets, logs or pricing agreements. Or any document that will get your customer to pay you quicker.

I save $15 every month with Handdy

Every dollar saved is invaluable for a start-up. I am saving $15 every month by switching to Handdy invoices

- Jeff Wolfe, Chicago

I am delighted to have chosen Handdy

It only takes a minute to create and send a beautiful invoice. I am delighted to have chosen Handdy for my invoicing

- Jamie Brown, Birmingham

Handdy gives more features for less

Handdy has got more features than most other online invoicing software and is cheaper. That’s why I chose Handdy.

- Rob Marks, Sydney