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Spotting a Lack of Productivity in the Workplace: 5 Warning Signs to Look Out for

Spotting a Lack of Productivity in the Workplace: 5 Warning Signs to Look Out for

All businesses thrive on a happy, productive workforce. There are lots of components to maintaining success in your field, but none are more important than a driven workforce with their focus on the end-goal. 

The tumultuous year of 2020 has impacted productivity with disruptions to everyday routines and working styles. People are working from home, organizations are embracing flexible working, and with this comes a growing need to oversee productivity levels.

Whether you want to monitor the patterns of those working remotely, or you want to tackle suspected unproductivity, we know what you need to look out for.

1: Recreational Website Visits

One of the most sought-after attributes of any candidate is time management. After all, meeting deadlines is an important part of business flow and any distractions that deviate from this need to be minimized. 

How can you tell if employees are distracted by the wonders of the internet regularly? 
Handdy Timesheets provides you with screenshots of which websites are being frequented on company time, along with a timestamp that documents the duration of their stay. Now you have visual proof of poor work habits.

2: Multi-Tab Browsing Habits

It is no secret that in the digital age, there are more distractions at our fingertips. Our lifestyles are centered around technology and the average attention span has dipped as a result

Since distractions are just a few clicks away, your employees may be browsing multiple tabs at any one time. 

If an employee has let their discipline slip into multi-tab territory, you will be the first to know with Handdy Timesheets tracking the specific URL’s visited and how much time is spent browsing each website. This allows you to see which websites have been used recreationally and which are conducive to productive output.

With screenshot capture, another key feature of our software, you’ll be able to see what your employees’ windows look like — you’ll see visual evidence of employees having recreational websites open alongside their work.

3: A Lack of Keyboard Activity

Perhaps the most impressive part of employee monitoring software is how accurately it can track the real-time activity of employees. 

Whether they are working from home or working in the office, Handdy Timesheets lets you see how often the keyboard has been touched, therefore enabling you to determine any patterns that emerge for certain employees. For example, perhaps there is too little movement on the keyboard to lead to task completion. 
Keystroke movement tracking allows you to monitor employees’ productivity levels and spot any warning signs without having to stand over their shoulder.

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4: Appearing Offline or Constantly Unavailable

Since remote working has become a mainstay of the modern world of work, some employees may find creative ways of appearing to be busy. It could be the case that appearing offline acts as a refuge for procrastination, so you ideally want to monitor activity when the internet is disconnected. 

The technological savvy of Handdy Timesheets makes this a possibility as it can track activity in any location, with or without internet.

5: Spending Time on Unproductive Apps

While most software applications are productive by nature, too much time spent on certain software applications could mean employees aren’t using their time productively. 

By installing Handdy Timesheets, the specifics of which software application is used and for how long will be reported to you so you can see if anybody is working on their novel during company time, or budgeting for Christmas instead of working with the right software.

When you monitor employee activity, you protect company time and profits in advance. Handdy Timesheets covers every aspect of employee productivity for you, and it only costs $1.72 per month for premium access! Or start your free trial today and preserve your company’s tomorrow.