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How to optimize your Google Plus page for search

How to optimize your Google Plus page for search

I was reading an interesting blog the other day. As I scrolled down the page I noticed this particular section devoted to an array of social media icons. There was everything there – a whole list from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter to Digg and Stumble Upon. That was when it hit me how social media could affect a business on the internet. Several micro blogging sites and social media platforms change the way we share and interact with others. On that note, here is an article about something that will change the way people recognize your internet presence.

Google Plus is the recent entry that is going to give a totally new perspective to the way people search on the internet. If you have a Google Plus page and if you want it to appear on search here is some mandatory list of things you must do.

1. Short URL
Unlike Facebook, Google Plus does not offer you an option to customize your Google Plus business page URL. There is an array of digits that only computers can remember. When you are printing the URL, say on your Business Card, it is not very pleasant to print a paragraph of numbers. However, Google does not seem to treat this as very important.

So here is an alternative. You can create a short URL and redirect it to your Google Plus profile. For example, our Google Plus profile URL is Doesn’t look pretty, does it?

But we created a short URL called and redirected this page to our actual profile. This way you can send out the shorter URL to clients and still have them visit your profile.

2. Optimize “About” Section
Your profile has an About section under which you provide details of your company/brand. Here you can utilize the power of keywords. Google would index your page if you use the keywords well. Do not stuff the section with keywords- make sure you first get the message across and then try to use the keywords wherever apt.

Google also lets you format your content and add links in the about section. Add hyperlinks to your company websites – but remember you are still writing for people. You have to make sure that the content is rich and meaningful – then you can add the keywords and links as appropriate.

3. Populate page with rich and useful content
Google Plus is great for videos and photographs – the interface to display photos and videos is pleasant. You can use that to your advantage and display images and videos related to the company. Also, make sure that you populate your page with good content before you promote it. At the end of the day, it is a social media platform – it is meant for people to interact and share content. Post content that will encourage interaction – Google values it.

These are 3 most important things you must ensure to optimize your Google Plus Business Page for search.