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3 things you should ‘NOT’ do when launching an ad

3 things you should ‘NOT’ do when launching an ad

Have you been thinking of launching an ad lately?

If yes, here are 3 things you should keep in mind before you launch it. This is applicable across any medium, be it print or digital media.

DO NOT : Go blah blah over the ad
You would want all the details on the ad, even if it is as small as 5(cms) x 10(cms) print ad. Yes, I understand that the particular ad slot cost you a bomb, but you ought to understand that nobody likes looking at an ad packed with text.

Your primary message is lost in a sea of ambiguous, flamboyant words like ‘micro nutrients’ and ‘celestial outdoors’. Don’t you find this a little pretentious?

If you do, then don’t serve it to your audience. As simple as that. Make sure you word your ads such that they call attention, but more importantly- nail the message! It is alright even if creativity is compromised, but see to it that the message is not lost in a sea of only ‘nice-sounding’ text.

DO NOT : Claim to bring back the dead
Keep the copy realistic! An ad that shouts unrealistic claims does more damage than good. Bear in mind that your audience has a ‘mind’ too. Anything that insults their intelligence will only put them off. So instead of saying things like- ‘Look like Beyonce in a week’, stick to- ‘Get a great body in 3 months’.

DO NOT : Plead like an insecure salesman
Yes, you are selling. But avoid the ‘Pleading salesman style’. Sound confident, it shows that you have complete faith in your product/service. In fact you could also afford to be a little brash, but play within the limits.
Instead of saying “You could try our service if you are sick of waiting in queues”
you could go all out and say “Take up our service or wait in line for the rest of your life”.

Advertising money is ‘big money’ with no guaranteed returns, all the more reason why you should drive the message home without overdoing it. Bear in mind these 3 DON’Ts when composing your ad and you can be sure of its success.