Tracks all types of employees

Tracks all types of employees

In-house staff, work from home, temps and more

In-house, work from home, on travel, on client site, different shift, part-time, temps and the rest. Handdy can track time for all of them. That’s why it is good enough for 99% of companies.

Truly unlimited

Truly unlimited

Unlimited employees, clients, projects, tasks

Free product usually comes with limitations. Handdy timesheet is truly unlimited free product. Use it as much as you require and as long as you want.

Suitable for companies of all sizes

Suitable for companies of all sizes

Works well for small, medium and large enterprises

When it comes to time tracking and attendance, different businesses have different requirements. We have addressed the needs of every type of company, irrespective of their size or industry.

Need to set individual task

Need to set individual task?

Set individual task for each staff and easily track it

Teams often struggle to split client specific tasks and so club everything together. This creates confusion at the end. Now you can easily split the client, project and task at every employee level.

Who’s in today and doing what

Who’s in today and doing what?

Get quick overall picture

Every decision maker would love to have snapshot of who is in today and doing what. Getting this simple yet powerful information used to be a struggle before. Not anymore with Handdy timesheets.

Month end attendance report

Month end attendance report?

Get attendance report in 1-click

Collating timesheet information from multiple sources and putting it all together used to be time consuming and often error prone. With Handdy, you can pull in attendance reports in just one click.

More free features

  • No more fudging timesheet numbers
  • Easy to use one tap time tracking
  • Unlimited employees
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Master dashboard to view overall team performance
  • Get a truly detailed time sheet report
  • Track work hours of each employee
  • Track break times of each employee
  • Tracks time even without internet
  • Daily/weekly/monthly timesheet and attendance reports
  • Track time spend on each project/task
  • Find out who is working today at a glance
  • Everything for free
Albert Einstein

Everything should be made

as simple as possible,

but not simpler.

... Albert Einstein

Perfect for any type of business

Rated five star and given 97% positive service rating by customers

All free time tracking software comes free only for a month or has very limited features. As far as I am aware, Handdy is the only one that gives unlimited employees and clients for free.

ACS Capital Five Star

We needed a tool to measure our staff tasks and projects and give us consolidated reports at the end of each week. We liked Handdy Timesheets the moment we started using it.

Trifecta Medical Five Star

We needed a system that would track the hours the way want it. We split client projects into micro level tasks and track hours on each of them. Handdy Timesheets is our choice.

Kellerton Consulting Five Star


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