There are 5 email settings available:

  • Email text sent to clients (along with a new estimate)
  • Under ‘Settings’ is the ‘e-mail text content settings’ which has options like
  • Email text sent to clients: This email text is sent to your clients along with new estimates
  • Resend invoice: This email text is sent to your clients along with new estimates
  • Due date coming up shortly: This automatic email will be sent to your clients to remind them of the due date to make payment
  • New user activation email: New user activation email is sent to new users. This automatic email is sent when you add a new user within your account. Set when to send automatic reminder and overdue messages: Automatic reminder and overdue setting.
  • Depending on the task that you wish to perform, you can select a particular option.
  • For an example, if you wish to acknowledge your customer for the payment that you received, select ‘Payment received with thanks’ option.
  • An email template opens up with the subject line ‘Thank you for your payment’
  • By default, the email will have content. Do not edit anything enclosed within “%”. These are codes for relevant invoice number, company name and so on. The relevant information will be inserted automatically into your email.
  • You can edit the text outside of the coding (%) and change the message you wish to convey in the body of your email and/or the subject as required.
  • If you want to edit the keyword between the %, select the keyword from the drop down list below and insert it at the appropriate places.
  • Click on ‘Update’ option after you have made the required changes.
  • An email will be sent to your customer
  • Select ‘Restore default settings’ option to switch back to the default settings