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How to Use Time and Attendance Tracking Software to Manage Remote Teams

How to Use Time and Attendance Tracking Software to Manage Remote Teams

Time & Attendance Tracking Software for Remote Work | Handdy

Employee monitoring software like Handdy can track time and attendance. How can that help you run your business remotely?

Managing remote teams can be a tricky business. Using employee monitoring software makes it easier to keep tabs on your employees and their work. But there’s much more to it than simply checking your employees are clocking in (and clocking off).

How else can you use time and attendance tracking software to make your operations run more efficiently?

Implementing Time and Attendance Tracking Software

You could say that monitoring time and attendance was easier in the days of the nine-to-five. When going into the office was mandatory, it was plain to see who turned up on time and who consistently left the office early when there was work to do. Now that the world of work has changed forever, and more teams are working flexibly or completely remotely, managers face new challenges in monitoring time and attendance.

Recently, eight in 10 workers admitted to slacking off while working from home, but managers have an easier job than ever before with the right tools. Time and attendance tracking software like Handdy can increase productivity, engagement and accountability, so how can you make the most of it?

Tracking Employee Time and Attendance Remotely

Removing the subjectivity around employee performance and attendance can help you plan for the future. With access to granular data about your employees, you’ll develop a more comprehensive understanding of your business that can inform hiring decisions, plan employee training and optimise your internal processes.

Implementing tools that help you manage your distributed workforce will help your employees become more accountable for their work. With a lack of accountability, remote workers feel disconnected from their colleagues and managers, resulting in reduced engagement and sub-optimal performance.

Time and attendance tracking software can reinforce positive, productive behaviours amongst employees and benefit business owners directly:

1. Monitoring Employee Downtime

Whether your employees are at home or in the office, you can’t guarantee that they’re fully engaged in their work. Even if they were sitting at their computers a few feet away from you, measuring productivity is impossible unless you’re micromanaging — an unproductive practice in itself.

Some employees may appear unresponsive or disengaged, but in reality, they may be struggling with their workload, leaving them little time to prepare for meetings or attend to key responsibilities. They may not be forthcoming about their struggles for fear of appearing incompetent, so it’s usually up to managers to investigate these issues at a deeper level, usually only after the damage has been done.

Employee monitoring software will help you understand how your teams use their time at work. Using Handdy, you can track your employees’ engagement based on input via their keyboard. By monitoring keystroke activity, you can see how engaged your employees are with their work.

2. Checking Project Progression

Productivity is a vital aspect of your business operations. Employees should use adequate time and resources for each task to maintain work quality and complete projects within deadlines. Distractions at home, a lack of communications and non-attendance could spell disaster for your important campaigns. Still, employees and managers must contend with all of these in the modern workplace.

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Recalibrating your business post-pandemic with time and attendance tracking software can steady your ship. Keystroke activity and screenshots from employees’ computers can help you find out exactly what’s going on within your organisation. Not only can this indicate where your internal processes require further optimisation, but it also helps you evaluate employee performance based on engagement.

3. Analysing Periodic Reports

Monthly reports can help you build a clearer picture of your entire workforce. It’ll quickly become apparent who your top performers are, and who might not be pulling their weight. It’s as important to recognise outstanding work as it is to support underperforming employees, and the only way to ascertain the truth is with time and attendance tracking software.

Compiling monthly reports to analyse employee time and attendance used to be time-consuming. With a wealth of features, Handdy pulls together complex information quickly and easily, saving valuable time. The analytics you’ll have access to can help identify departments, teams and employees that are performing well, as well as where you can make improvements across your entire organisation.

Software for Managing Your Distributed Teams

Employee monitoring software makes managing distributed teams simple. Just remember that before you start using time and attendance tracking software, you need to let your employees know that you’ll monitor their attendance and time worked. Getting your employees on board with this new way of working is part and parcel of the developments in the working world and comes with an array of benefits.

Time and attendance tracking software is an essential component of remote, flexible and hybrid working models and helps your distributed teams become more accountable in their roles. This promotes a more positive company culture and helps your business achieve greater success.

Get a free unlimited trial of Handdy and discover an easier way to manage your workforce remotely. Need more information? Feel free to get in touch to find out more about how we can help your business grow.