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How to get 40% quicker payment for your invoices

How to get 40% quicker payment for your invoices

Let us say, you have $16,992 on your bank account. You want to use $1500 of your money to buy a new computer. Now, your bank does not let you take your money today. Worse, you cannot have it for 30 more days. Your bank tells you to send a 30 day advance notice to get your money. It also insists on a 7 day reminder before you can have your money in hand.

It is your money. And you cannot have it when you want it. How terrible would you feel? Well, that’s how several small business owners feel when they cannot get their money from their customers without sending many reminders.

Why customers don’t pay their invoice without seeing reminders?
They don’t pay simply because, they get used to delaying their payments. They get used to paying their invoice only after receiving overdue notices and several reminders. This leads to situations where businesses in need of urgent cash cannot have it in their hand. It is with their customer. It often goes through a delayed cycle of 60 to 90 days. This in turn leads businesses to borrow loans. This cycle can quickly spiral out of control. The only solution for this problem is to stop customers delaying their payments.

How to stop your customers delay their payments?
Switch to using Handdy online invoicing software. It not only sends beautiful online invoices but also makes all the effort to collect your money quicker. On an average a Handdy invoices user get their money 40 % quicker. They get it quicker because, Handdy has built-in “pay me now” features that are exclusively built for the purpose of getting your money quicker.

Why Handdy users get their invoice payments 40% quicker
Handdy lets you create and send invoices in seconds (and from wherever you are)
Handdy sends persuasive email text along with the invoices (fully customisable)
Handdy makes it very easy for your customer to make their payments
Handdy looks for invoice due date and sends a reminder email just before due date
Handdy looks for overdue payments and send automatic overdue reminders
Handdy has many more features that will ensure on-time payment…

Handdy Invoices_logoWould you like to get your invoice payments on time?
Switch to Handdy online invoice software today. Just create your invoice using Handdy and send to your customer. Handdy will do absolutely everything to track your invoice, send reminders, chase customers and gets your payment.

Now, you don’t have to wait for 30 days or look for a loan to buy your new computer. You can buy it today and with your own money.